So your exam results weren’t quite what you were hoping for…

Exam resultsNot everyone leaves school or college knowing what they want to do, if you have your dream career mapped out it, it can be devastating when you think that could all be jeopardised because of a few grades.

It really is disappointing when your grades aren’t what you expected, the feeling of failure, thinking you have just ruined your future career and on top of that watching everyone around you celebrate because they have done so well, but don’t worry there are lots of options still available to you, all is not lost.

GCSE’s and A Levels can be retaken but I know for some the thought of having to do it all again is frustrating and depressing.

Depending on the career you want you could start work almost immediately!

Had you considered an apprentice role with vocational training?  This is a great way to kick start your career and earn a bit of cash while doing it! Apprentices are usually required to attend one day a week at a training institute to study for qualifications.  Most will last approx. 2 years but you have the head start because you will not only have recognised qualifications but all important industry experience and a work reference.  The other bonus to this is that you do not have any student loans to pay back!

This is the route I took when my dream of joining the RAF fell apart.  Not really knowing what else I wanted to do as this had been my focus, I took a trainee role  where I completed an NVQ through day release to a local college.

Just because the grades you have are slightly lower than you need for the college/University that you wanted to go to, doesn’t mean that you cannot do a similar course at another education facility, it may not be your dream venue, but lots of people have done this and not regretted it.

It is worth bearing in mind whatever you decide that a large percentage of people change careers completely before they retire, I know I have!

I am a true believer that all things happen for a reason.  If I had joined the RAF I wouldn’t have finally stumbled into the world of recruitment… an industry that I love!  I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else now and took a roundabout journey to get here!

Here is a great info graphic from the AAT:


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Works for Gravitas Recruitment SW, specialising in Accountancy, Finance and Office Support roles in the South West.
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