The Importance of Staff Retention

staffing_illustrationThe importance of Staff Retention

Do you have a high staff turnover?  Some industries do tend to have a naturally higher staff turnover than others and it can become time consuming and costly advertising vacancies, sifting through CV’s and interviewing.

Getting to the root of the problem is the best solution.


The main reasons employees leave their jobs are:

* Poor salary and benefits

* A lack of training and development opportunities

* Dissatisfaction with management

* Unfriendly colleagues

* Horrendous journey

* Lack of work/life balance


How can you find out why your staff turnover is higher than you would like?

* Confidential attitude surveys.

* Questionnaires sent to former employees around six months after their departure.

* Exit interviews


While companies do conduct ‘exit’ interviews to try and ascertain the reasons behind a departure, because of the necessity to obtain a decent reference, people often tone down or completely fabricate their reasons for leaving.  Analysing the data can provide valuable feedback to improve staff retention.


What measures can you take reduce this from the outset?

* Ensure those being recruited have a more realist idea of what the job entails.

* Improved career development opportunities.

* Effective appraisals

* Strong diversity policies.

* A practicable means of dealing with bullying.

* A good work/life balance.

* A mechanism for staff to register dissatisfaction, whether it be appraisals, grievance proceeding and so on.

* Leadership training for managers.



Your ultimate aim should be to make every employee feel valued and proud of the work that they do. To develop a work culture that encourages diversity and creativity. There should be effective anti-discrimination policies in place that promote flexible working, where possible. Adopting a strategy for staff retention is not easy but it will greatly benefit your organisation.


If you have a happy work place, you will have a happy team!

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Works for Gravitas Recruitment SW, specialising in Accountancy, Finance and Office Support roles in the South West.
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