I Hate My Job!

hate work


I hate my Job!


I think everyone is guilty of saying this at one time or another, I know have!  Most of our daily lives are spent at work, so if you really hate your job this can be a really depressing situation but you are not alone.  A huge percentage of the candidates I speak to are looking or a new opportunity because they are unhappy where they are currently working.


There are steps you can take to help ease the grey feeling and make your work life more bearable until you either resolve the issue making you feel this way or move on to a new challenge.  My advice is to tackle the problem in the first instance.


Sit and think about how long you have been feeling like this.  Have you felt like this for some time or is it a recent development?  Was there a particular factor(s) that has made you feel like this?

The most common reasons for this are;

  • In a job you are not well suited to.
  • Frustration at manager(s)
  • Conflict with co-workers
  • Salary


There are ways to reduce this feeling and start to feel job satisfaction again.

Keeping your feeling bottled up will only lead to more misery, but choose the right time and place to vent.  Obviously it’s not a good idea to rant in the workplace as this can make a bad situation worse. Social media sites can be a bad place too (search #Ihatemyjob on twitter!) Talk about it with your family and friends, this can often help put things into perspective and they will be able to offer advice and support, just doing this one simple thing  can help relieve some of the pressure you are feeling.

Make time for yourself. This is good advice whether you hate your job or not. It’s easy to get into the painful grind of sleeping, working and eating. Choose an activity that you enjoy (anything from working out to reading the paper) and apply it your morning routine; that way you’ll be getting up for the activity, rather than the job.

Get some fresh air and break your day up.  During your breaks go outside, take a quick walk or just sit in the fresh air.  This break will give you chance to clear you head and set you up for the rest of the day.  At a previous employers, a colleague and I took chairs into the car park to sit and eat lunch during the summer months and loved it!  I know I am far more productive after getting out in the air for a break.


Have a giggle! Laughter really is the best medicine.  Scientists believe that humour can enhance your ability to cope with a number of situations by giving you perspective and helping you to see that the problem is manageable. Keeping your sense of humour will allow you to be optimistic in the face of adversity, which will help you keep the ball rolling forward every day.  Try watching a sitcom in the evenings instead of dramas, this will help lift your mood.


Make the most of your free time. If you spend eight hours a day at work, and eight hours sleeping, that leaves you eight hours all to yourself. When you let a bad day at work take over your life, you’re letting the company steal your time without paying you for it. Release tension by dropping in on a friend for a cuppa, go see a movie or, have a meal out on a Tuesday night for no reason at all but leave work and work issues behind when you leave at the end of the day.  It is very easy to let it take over your life.


If your problem at work is caused by something going in within the company dynamics or the cut throat nature of the business, chances are that some of your co-workers probably feel the same way.   Assuming that you get on well with your co-workers, arrange an evening out, go bowling, go for a few drinks after work and support each other, knowing you are not alone will certainly help.



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