I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth!

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Have you ever been tempted to add in something extra to your CV?  I’m not talking about a slight exaggeration, but complete lies!


Recent research shows that 1 in 5 people are prepared to lie to get themselves an interview.  Whilst conducting a recent survey www.staffbay.com asked 25,000 people: Do you think it’s wrong to lie on your CV? Whilst 80 per cent said they’d never lie on their CV, nearly 20 per cent said they’d make an exception if it they thought it would impress a boss.


I get it!  I know how tough the competition is and appreciate that candidates need to stand out on paper to fight off the competition but is it really the best way forward?


Let’s look at a few potential outcomes should you decide that embellishing on your CV is a good way forward:


You have been offered your dream job; you have handed in your notice and your future employer calls for your references.  One of the questions they ask your current employer is how effectively you managed your team; your current employer is left speechless because you have never managed a team at the company.


It’s your first day at your new job when someone asks you to help them with a task. According to your CV you have completed this task daily for the past few years in your previous role.  The reality is that you haven’t a clue what to do because you made it up to get you ahead of the game.


I guess you are seeing a pattern forming here!  The outcome is most likely going to be negative.  Most employers have terms written into your employment contact which will allow them to instantly dismiss you if any of the information submitted during the recruitment process is found to be false.


Is it a risk worth taking?  In my opinion it’s not, my only advice would be to think about the consequences if you are found out. Is it really getting you ahead of the game or simply handing the job to another candidate?

About tpearce2012

Works for Gravitas Recruitment SW, specialising in Accountancy, Finance and Office Support roles in the South West.
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